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Minute Men Courage Award

 Presented for outstanding service to the community!


Year Name
2017 Dick Jonckowski
2016 Jerry and Rebecca Kill
2013 Bob McNamara
2011 Doug Woog
2006 Ron Vannelli
2004 Vern Mikkelson
2003 Jim Marshall
2002 Tom Burnett Family
2001 Duane Bobick
2000 Peter Morton, Krista Vandehey
1999 Pam Krause
1998 Jim Eisenreich
1996 Betty Allison
1995 "Stosh" Newman
1994 Robert Wills
1993 Steve Palermo
1992 Bob Allison
1991 Arno Goethel
1990 Leo Grossman
1989 Bruce Bennett
1988 Cal Stoll
1986 John Mariucci
1985 Hal Scott
1984 Patty Berg
1982 Stubby Eason
1981 Hubert Humphry
1980 Karl Kassulke
1979 Danny Thompson
Minnesota Minute Men Jerry Kill Roast Click Photo See more Photos!

Minnesota Minute Men Jerry Kill Roast, Click Photo for more Pictures.

Jerry Kill gets Roasted and Toasted

Thank you joining us at  Minnesota Minute Men at the Roast and Toast Luncheon for former Minnesota Gophers head coach Jerry Kill, at Jax Café it was a great success with almost 200 in attendance. Including: Roasters and Toasters include, Jim Cater, Joel Maturi, Casey O'Brien, Ron Stolski, Dave Lee, Mike Max and Master of Ceremonies, Dick Jonckowski .  Coach Kill and was also be presented the Minute Men Courage Award for his outstanding commitment to the community under personnel hardship. Money raised  luncheon and memorabilia auction benefit Coach Kill's Chasing Dreams Epilepsy Fund and the Minute Men Amateur Athletics Foundation. 

The Minnesota Minute Men "Doing Good Will Through Sports"

Dick Jonckowski

Congratulation to Dick Jonckowski for being awarded both the Courage Award and Minnesota Minute Men Man of the Year Award  at the Minute Men Roast and Toast held in his honor.

A packed house enjoyed the roasting of the Polish Eagle by Jim Carter, Lester Bagley, Billy Robertson and Mike Max.  Other notable celebrities including: Matt Majka, Jaimie Spencer, John Maher, Roger Godin and Mark Sheffert guests, Mike Sherels, Dom Barber, Dave Shama, Tyrone Carter, Dan O'Brian,  Jim Brooten, Bob McNamara Jr., Anne Marie Rogers (McNamara), Joel Maturi, Bill McGreavy.  Minute Men Terry Sullivan, Loren Fledkamp, Matt Williams and Walt Barry where the instrumental in organizing this great event which raised thousands for charity.  Go to 

Photo by Walt Barry